Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach children?

Absolutely! I generally teach young people from age 7 upwards (30 minute lessons recommended for students under 12) with no upper age limit. If you have younger children interested in singing lessons get in contact!

Where will the lessons be located?

My lessons are held at my home teaching space based on Briton Street, LE3 0AA in central Leicester. The teaching space is the perfect place to learn to sing, with a calm, relaxed atmosphere and great piano to sing along with. Click on the map below to find out where I teach on Google maps. My full teaching address will be provided upon booking your first lessons.

Gail and Lizzy also teach from central Leicester based locations on certain days of the week - for more information please read the Prices page.

Singing Lessons Leicester Map

Can you help me record a demo?

Yes, this is something I specialise in. We have great offers available to our students from local recording studios offering up to half price! I would suggest an hour prior to recording and I can then accompany you in your studio recording session. I am happy to recommend song material, producers/sound engineers and musicians if you need help in that area.

Can we do a group booking?

Yes of course. These can be great fun and great practise for singing in front of a crowd. Obviously one - on - one is so thorough for covering personal technique but groups can be surprisingly beneficial for the performance side, group feedback and support.

Which styles do you teach?

Mostly Pop, Commercial, Musical Theatre, Country, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Blues…

Although we do cover elements of classical music, if you are heavily into classical opera/ heavy metal/rock I would advice a teacher specific to these genres for best results.

I am preparing for an event/audition, what should I do?

There is no obligation to come every week for years on end! Students are welcome to come to me for a one off lesson if there is something you want to look at specifically. I would suggest 1 or 2 hours for an intense short course as we can really get into the project you’re working on.

What do I need to bring?

1) For the very first lesson; 1 or 2 song titles (originals or covers) to begin with. Songs that you know reasonably well and feel compliment either your natural style or the direction you are looking to work towards.

2) A notebook (all lessons)

We provide everything else- including backing tracks, piano, refreshments and internet! I recommend a journal type notebook that you will look after and dedicate to lessons as the personalised exercises and information obtained during our sessions can potentially last you a lifetime!

Will I notice a difference straight away?

Yes! I love to teach! It inspires me to see a person’s unique voice, strength and style shine through. In most cases, only slight changes need to be introduced to achieve huge benefits. The more you understand your voice, the more confident you become and students who once wouldn't dare sing out loud.. and are now working with me on their performance material, winning competitions, recording demos and above all, enjoying the freedom singing brings.

"I love Laura's lessons. They teach me to sing even better than before. Laura is fun, kind, and good at singing. We do modern and traditional songs"   Katie (aged 8)

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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I am a passionate vocalist with many year's experience, teaching all levels of singing from beginner to advanced. Having featured on ITV's XFactor Boot Camp, I know I can help you achieve your vocal goals and will offer any useful advice and knowledge I can on the industry, alongside technique lessons! I work with a small team of dedicated professional singing teachers located across Leicestershire - helping you to develop your vocal ability no matter where you are based.

To book your first vocal lesson, or simply to find our more, email me or call 03458 690679!

"I couldn't believe the difference after only one week of lessons! At first, lessons were just for me to sing at home but now I will probably take on some open mic nights and it's all really exciting thanks to Laura" Ben, Leicester