About Singing Lessons Leicester

About Singing Lessons Leicester

New students have come from all over the UK to work with Laura, who is known for her inspired, engaging and sometimes wacky approach! Her friendly and relaxed singing lessons help students reach their full singing potential; developing vocal strength, tone, pitching, control and confidence on a week by week basis.

Having been introduced to 'Speech Level Singing'' by Mountview Academy’s previous head of music Debbie Lamin as well as BBC double vocalist award winner Liane Caroll and NYC Julliard’s Ruth Levy, Laura was inspired to reach the true potential of her voice. Developed by top US vocal coach Seth Riggs, this revolutionary concept is based on the idea that singing is simply an accessible extension to your natural speaking voice, potentially leading to limitless range, control and stamina. Seth has coached top vocalists including Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and Michael Jackson and his principles can be used by all vocalists from beginners to professionals. Laura regularly also attends work shops by head Estill Coach 'Anne Marie Speed' at the Royal Acedemy of Music and works with tutors all over the World to develop a unique way of learning that is accessible to every-one. "I couldn't believe the difference in only one week" Chris, Leicester

Laura is still very much a working musician with credits including The Royal Festival Hall, New Orleans Jazz Festival, Columbia Records, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and a 6 year run on cruise ships meant singing all over the world six nights a week. Indeed, she uses the same principles that she has developed over years of experience in lessons to pass on to students. In 2012 Laura and sister Mary-Anne were even featured at X Factor Boot Camp and have worked with recording producers ever since. In early 2014 she was successfully certified as Estill Technique Certified singing teacher from the Royal Academy.

Singing Lessons Leicester

In addition to covering the technical side of singing, students are invited to discuss working in the entertainment business, with a recent student successfully auditioning for the Leicestershire Opera Group following two months of intensive coaching with Laura. Prior to this, Charlotte, the student, hadn't sang for 10 years!

Have a listen to Laura & sister Mary-Anne's band Mia and The Moon - to find out more click on the picture above!

Laura is also passionate about giving her students the opportunity to perform in showcase, should they wish to, to build stage confidence and give an end goal to all their hard work (as well as the chance for friends and family to see their vocal progress!). Indeed, she held a fantastic showcase at Christmas were many of her students performed, including Kisha's performance of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran which you can watch below.


 “Laura is a very talented and professional singing teacher. She gives lots of good advice, praise and works you hard! She is also extremely fun and enthusiastic and brings out the best in you. I love working with Laura and feel lucky to have found her!”

Charlotte Brett, London.

Learn to Sing the songs you love

I am a passionate vocalist with many year's experience, teaching all levels of singing from beginner to advanced. Having featured on ITV's XFactor Boot Camp, I know I can help you achieve your vocal goals and will offer any useful advice and knowledge I can on the industry, alongside technique lessons! I work with a small team of dedicated professional singing teachers located across Leicestershire - helping you to develop your vocal ability no matter where you are based.

To book your first vocal lesson, or simply to find our more, email me or call 03458 690679!

"I couldn't believe the difference after only one week of lessons! At first, lessons were just for me to sing at home but now I will probably take on some open mic nights and it's all really exciting thanks to Laura" Ben, Leicester